Elements Lakewood 2019 Theme Camp Questionnaire
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Obsidian Beauty Bar
Marion Petty 917-582-5291 ObsidianBeautyBar@Gmail.com
We offer a relaxing safe space to the community in addition to the variety of beauty influences to be experienced, such as, hair braiding/styling and accessorizing, nail care manicure, pedicure, and paint and nail art, face makeup and face paint designs, and air brushing techniques. We also offer the service of yoga in the morning along with affirmations, therapeutic body massage, including shoulders, full body massage, and feet massage.
URL to camp (if already existing)
3000 sqft of camping area to cover space for approximately 10 - 11x15 tents, 6 - 10x10 pop up shade structures. There will be blow up couches and cushions in the communal space of the camp. There will be two to four makeshift hair and nail stations, mirrors, lighting, a massage table and chair
25 - 30
Arrival date
TBC - 4 pickup trucks
Will you require electricity?
20x40 tent for beauty bar setup; 20x40 tent for Music area IF confirmed; Tents arranged as necessary,
Art Installations?
Art Installation to be built - Dome open to community to relax with hookah - Dimensions to be confirmed - See email for Video
Any other comments questions...
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