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BCCC Board Director Application and Information Form 2016
About the BCCC:
The British Columbia Cycling Coalition is your voice for better cycling in B.C.
Our goal is to enable more people to ride bicycles more often for transportation, recreation and tourism.
We work with cycling groups, governments, businesses and organizations across the province to:
secure more funding for cycling paths, protected bike lanes and better cycling facilities on highways
- ensure that new and existing road and bridge projects include great cycling facilities
- encourage the implementation of provincial cycling education initiatives
- build support for an updated Motor Vehicle Act
- support provincial initiatives that support cycle tourism
Our member organizations represent thousands of people across British Columbia.
We work to make cycling better for people of all ages and reduce conflicts on our roads and paths making them safer for all.
We are convinced that more cycling leads directly to happier, healthier, and more sustainable communities.
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History of Board experience and other volunteer work: (Please briefly list dates and responsibilities.)
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Please list 2 examples of specific contributions you’ve made while serving on a previous Board / Committee / Team in a volunteer setting. Contributions from a professional setting could also be included, though volunteer examples may be more relevant.
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Purpose of the BCCC

1. The purposes of the Society are:
To represent the interests of cyclists provincially, to secure their recognition in policy and programs affecting transportational cycling, for both transportation and recreational travel, and to provide support to cyclists and cycling organizations provincially.

To accomplish this purpose the Society has adopted the following goals:
- To promote the use of the bicycle as transportation and recreational travel;
- To ensure its recognition in legislation and policy;
- To integrate cycling into the transportation network and secure public investments in on-road and off-road infrastructure proportionate to its potential;
- To instigate a provincial role in promoting cycling consistent with its health, recreation, economic and environmental benefits;
- To raise the profile of cycling with government and improve its image and status with the public;
- To pursue cycling safety through education;
- To support the development of local cycling coalitions and other cycling bodies to secure improved conditions for cyclists;
- To promote cooperation, safety and respect among all road users;
- To encourage more people to ride bicycles more often.

In 50 words or less, what is your vision for cycling in BC or how do you feel about cycling for transportation?
The BCCC may include this on our website and hand out to members at the AGM prior to the election.
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Term: 2 years, roughly Oct - Oct. A portion of the Directors are elected each year. Board meetings are held every other month and can be attended by electronic means.

Composition: Up to 15 Directors, elected by members at AGM or appointed by the directors as required between AGMs

Executive Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer

Vacancies for 2016 Board: 10***TO BE ADJUSTED*** Director positions will be open to election. Of these positions, please note that some current Directors may stand for re-election.

Experience and Skills
To move the organization and these initiatives forward, we are seeking people who are passionate about cycling to provide leadership, experience and advice in one or more of the following areas:
- Fundraising
- Strategic Planning
- Organizational development
- Membership development
- Marketing/Communication
- Financial/accounting
- Campaigning
- Legal
- Business partnerships with non-profits
- Advocacy and government relations

Many of our current Directors live within Metro Vancouver. We highly encourage candidates from other parts of BC in order to balance our perspective.

We strive to further diversify the Board through a wide range of ethnicities, ages, genders, and backgrounds, to more accurately represent the population of BC.

From the list of Board needs, what skills and/or experience would you bring to the Board? Feel free to describe other relevant skills that would be of assistance to the position. (Between 40-150 words).
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Time Commitment
Board Directors are expected to spend a minimum of 5 -10 hours per month on BCCC work, including preparation for and attending Board meetings, taking an active role in at least one Board Committee, fulfilling Action Items from Board meetings, corresponding by email and voting in electronic motions,
How do you feel about committing this time to a Board Director position?
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How many hours per month can you commit in a Board Director role?
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How many hours per month can you commit to The BCCC in general?
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Roles and Responsibilities of the Board
The BCCC Board of Directors is a Working Board and a Governance/ Policy Board. In addition to setting policies and approving the annual budget, the Board sets short- and long-term goals for the Society, guides the Society’s programs and services, ensures funding is secured, oversees the Society’s human resources through the placement and overview of the Executive Director, and directs communications with external stakeholders.

Responsibilities of the Board Jointly:
- represents, and is responsible to, the community
- provides leadership by setting goals, objectives, and priorities for the Society
- establishes and oversees the policies of the Society
- follows the Constitution and By-laws which govern the Society’s organization and activities
- ensures the Society has the funds and facilities to operate
- ensures the Society is operating according to the Society Act
- informs the community about the Society and our work
- advocates for the needs of our constituents
- works with other societies, agencies, and services

Responsibilities of Individual Board Members:
- attend all Board meetings
- phone or e-mail if you must be late or absent
- respect the confidentiality of sensitive information
- review reports and minutes and be prepared to discuss them
- share responsibility for all projects undertaken by the Board on behalf of the Society (fundraising, special events, etc.)
- recruit Board and Committee members
- actively represent the BCCC in the community as ambassadors
- make a donation to the BCCC (according to own ability)
- commit and be accountable to playing a role in new fundraising activities (make introductions, open doors, enlist new donors, etc)
- learn as much as possible about the BCCC and cycling issues in British Columbia

Please include a short bio (75-100 words)
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Orientation Resources
Board Reference Manual, website, and current Board Directors.
BCCC Membership
Only BCCC Members are eligible for Board positions. If a candidate is not yet a BCCC member, online Membership payment is available at or the Membership Form may be printed from and submitted with payment anytime before taking office, including in person at the Annual General Meeting. Details for the AGM are provided at
Candidate Intention
If selected, please allow my name to stand for nomination to the BCCC Board of Directors. I have read the above information and am willing to commit my time to the BCCC.
Type Name as Signature
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Thank you!
Thank-you for your interest in applying for the BCCC Board of Directors.
We appreciate your engagement! We would like to welcome you, and encourage you to take an active role in the organization, whether as a Director, volunteer or supporter. Your participation is highly appreciated! There are many effective ways to become involved with your time as a member or volunteer. If you have some of these skills but are not able to commit to the position of Board director, we would love to chat with you about joining a topic-specific committee (such as communications, membership, etc.)

Donations and financial support are always welcome and put to effective use. Donations are currently not eligible for charitable tax credits:

Enjoy your rides...

Please contact with any questions. Return completed applications by November 10,2016.

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