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Wrap Around Care For Foster Families
Midtown Wraparound Care

As a church, Midtown Fellowship strives to be a fostering and adoptive church. In order to thrive, foster and adoptive families are in need of strong support systems and resources, which is often referred to as wrap-around care. These needs present opportunities for the rest of the church to participate in helping to care for vulnerable children.

We are all called, as the church, to care for and support the least of these in varying capacities and it is our goal to provide a space for our community to get involved. Some of the many ways to get involved are: childcare, mentoring, tutoring, donations, and providing meals. The needs do not stop there, we would love to see the creativity of our members on how they can uniquely serve the foster families we support.

It is our collective hope that each member of our church body will consider the ways in which they can contribute in ministering to the needs of our foster and adoptive families and those in their care.

Please fill out the form below and indicate whether you would like to be a part of our facebook page that allows direct communication between local foster parents and people who want to help serve.

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