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2016 POHJOLA CUP V /18.3.2017 Rovaniemi - Official application -
What : Pohjola Cup 5. tournament
When: 18.3.2017
Where: Keltakankaan liikuntahalli, Keltakangas 1, 96300 Rovaniemi

Schedule completed later, venue booked 9.00-19.00


Rovaniemi - Jyväskylä
Seinäjoki - Oulu
Ylivieska - Kuopio

Hosting League: Roll-On Derby

By filling this form I hereby confirm that I'll be available on this date.
Deadline: 3.2.2017

Contact :
Referees: Rodzilla/Minna Patonen or
NSOs : Visto/ Hanna Kurtti

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