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We know JBF Vancouver Moms are busy! No time to tag? Valet Tagging can help!
I hope you are as excited as we are to implement Valet Tagging in Vancouver!
We want to make consigning easy for you - so you can still make $$$, even if you can’t tag your items!
The consignor fee for Valet is $18. The $5 supply fee for card stock, barbs, ink etc. is taken out of that.
The consignor # you have entered will be the # used for your valet tagging only. The tagger only gets compensated for items sold, so when you bring the valet items to future sales, we can compensate her then. If at some time in the future, you decide to consign with items YOU tag, just create a profile with a different email address, and you will be assigned a 2nd Consignor #. (Just please remember to sign into the right one when you are tagging items for yourself;)

There are several moving parts to this, so please read ALL THE INFO LISTED HERE:

This is for Moms who have at least 100 items. (Check each room; you will be surprised how quickly you find 100 items!) The consignor will receive 40% on their consignment. The same guidelines for all JBF Vancouver Consignors apply for earning extra % and entrance times to Presales. (i.e. you can earn up to 50% by helping before during or after event) Having your items valet tagged creates an understanding that those items will only be sold at JBF Vancouver, & not be taken to other JBF Events.
Clothing items need to be laundered & on hangers, w/no pilling, stains or tears. If you cannot bring them hung, the tagger can hang them for you, @ $10/100. Hanger cost:$12/ea.100 hangers
Sort them by gender & size. Re: sizes, if the child lives at home, you can bring their clothing/shoes. We accept Maternity & Junior, limited to 30 items each. Bring your best!
* Infant Clothing up to and including 6 months size will be marked to go 50% off on Sunday (the last sale day).
Toys need to have all working parts and batteries. ($1/battery if we provide them)
Check all your items for recalls.
After completing this form, a valet tagger will contact you to make arrangements for you to drop off your items. There is one drop-off only, so make sure you have everything you want to consign in one load! If you find more, you can consign it in the next event.
The supply fee is $5/100 items - taken out of your check. (card stock, barbs, pins, ribbon, tape, bags, zipties, etc.)
For large items, instead of loading, unloading etc, send pictures to your tagger; she will discuss price with you and have printed tags ready when you pick up your other tagged items.
When the tagger has your tags entered, you will have 3 days to approve the pricing. After 3 days the tags will be printed and no more changes can be made.
Valet tagging drop-offs will close 3 weeks prior to the drop-off date for the event.
Allow plenty of time at drop-off to place your items on the floor.



CLOTHING: Free of tears & stains. Bring all items laundered and on hangers.
Sorting by gender & size speeds up tagging & putting items on the floor at drop-off.

MATERNITY: Please only your best 20 BRANDED Maternity clothes. (Not regular clothes that are not maternity.)

TOYS: Toys, games, puzzles, infant toys, toddler toys, girl/boy toys, crafts, outdoor toys, ride-on toys, musical tables

BABY EQUIPMENT & GEAR: Strollers, car seats, baby swings, exersaucers, activity mats, high chairs, pack-n-plays, toddler beds, furniture, gliders, bouncy seats, diaper bags, shopping cart covers, jumperoos, baby carriers

GIRLS & BOYS SHOES & ACCESSORIES: Shoes, hats, bows, bibs, socks, tights, backpacks, gloves, belts, purses, jewelry

BOOKS/DVDs/CDs: Books sell VERY well. (no VHS tapes)

SPORTING GOODS: bikes, helmets, balls, sports equipment, swim gear

BEDDING & ROOM DECOR: Crib bedding, bumpers, sheets, blankets, swaddlers, lamps, pictures, clocks

FEEDING: Formula (not opened) Nursing covers, bottles, sippy cups, plates, utensils

BATH: Diaper pails, diapers, bath tubs, wash cloths, towels

SUPPLIES & HOME SAFETY: baby gates, outlet covers, thermometers, baby scales.

 VHS tapes
 Stuffed animals (unless Disney or other licensed character and/or sings, dances, plays music)
 Used Single-User Breast pumps
 Stained, worn, torn items
 Recalled items
 Adult clothing (maternity is okay)

ATTENTION: There are 3 variables you will be asked to decide
when you complete the form:

1. Whether you want your items reduced to 50% off on the last day, &/or donated. *Exception: all infant clothing up to/including 6 months, will be marked to reduce & donate.
2. Whether you will pick your items up from the tagger and take your items to the sale, or have the valet tagger take them for you.($15 cash to tagger) *When you pick up your tagged items, rejected items will be returned to you. If you are having your items delivered to the sale, rejected items will be donated. If you have large items, and need them delivered to the sale, the tagger can make arrangements with you to do so, if she has room to transport them.
3. Whether you will pick up your unsold items at the end of the sale, or donate them. *If you are donating them, be sure to bring them to the tagger in boxes only; totes will not be stored/returned.

Questions: Contact: Becki Koldsbaek 503.939.1430 or Pat Meyers | 360.742.2222

OK, Ready to Get Started? Let’s GO!

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Approx. # of ITEMS you will need tagged: *
Preferred method of Communication? (may select more than one;) *
Do you want your items reduced on the 50% off day? (exception; all clothing size 6 mo & smaller will be marked to reduce) *
Will you pick up your items from the tagger and take them to the sale and put them on the sale floor, or do you want the tagger to transport them for you? ($15 transport fee) *If the tagger transports them for you, your rejected items will be donated. Be sure to use boxes (not totes) if you are having the tagger transport them for you. (If you have large items, you will be responsible to transport them, unless you make specific arrangements with your tagger) *
Do you want your items marked "Donate" if they do not sell at the Event? *
Do you plan to pick up your items at the end of the event (always on a Sunday night - usually 8pm-ish)? If not, they will be donated to our Charity. *
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