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Q&A (Questions and Answers)
Q:How much Interest ?
A:1.5%-6% Need to see document first .

Q:Installment duration?
A:1 Year - 5 Year

Q:Minimum Net Salary?
A:RM 500 ++

Q:Document ?
A:1.PaySlip 3 Months
2.Statement Bank 3 Months
3.Utilies 1 Month
(All NEW)

Q:Has a Blacklist?
A:No problem ! We Can Help u

Loan RM1000 PayBack RM1015/1060
Loan RM2000 PayBack RM2030/2120
Loan RM5000 PayBack RM5075/5300
Loan RM10000 Pay Back 10150/10600
(MAX Loan 100K)

Contact Nombor : 0108082292 (Agent TX)
WhatsApp 0108082292 / WeChat 0108082292 / SMS 0108082292
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