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FantasyCon 2019 Programme Participation - Expressions of Interest
Do you want to be a part of the programming at FantasyCon 2019? Do you have a great idea for a panel, workshop, or other programming event (e.g. open mic, presentations on defined topics, etc.)? Then this is the form for you!

Do you want to hold a reading or signing? Set up a book launch? Host a kaffeeklatsch? This is NOT the form for that. We aim to get that one out soon.

If you want to refer back to last year's FantasyCon programme, you can find it here:

We'll start by asking you to provide an email address so we can communicate with you about your recommendation and/or programme participation. You'll have the chance below to indicate whether or not you agree to make the email address you provide here available to others programmed on the same items as you.

When suggesting topics/programming items, please bear in mind that we have a preference for a diverse range of topics and an inclusive mix of programme participants. Where suggested programming items have a natural focus on a specific topic, lived experience, or demographic group, we would much prefer the planned item to be aimed at a more focused, in-depth, nuanced level than 'diversity 101' style panels. We particularly welcome #ownvoices perspectives in these areas.

Please note: recommending a topic doesn't guarantee it will be offered, OR that you will be scheduled on it.

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If you want to tell us anything more about yourself, please do that here.
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Do you want to be a programme participant at Fantasycon 2019? *
If selected as a programme participant, are you happy for your email address to be shared with other people involved in the same programme item as yourself to facilitate coordination?
Have you been on a panel before?
If you don't have a fully fledged idea yet, please tell us about your areas of interest and any experience that you think would help us match you to an appropriate panel.
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Do you already have a specific idea for a panel (or panels)? Please tell us more!
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Do you want to be a participant in your suggested panel item?
Would you be willing to moderate a panel? *
Have you moderated a panel before?
Is there anything else we should be aware of when assigning panels? (e.g. accessibility requirements related to scheduling/spaces; discussion areas you'd prefer to avoid; suggestions for co-panelists, any individuals you would not want to be on a panel with; likelihood of your involvement with other programming items; something else)
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Are you interested in running a workshop at Fantasycon? *
What type of workshop are you interested in running?
You might not have thought much about running a workshop before, but don't let that stop you! Tell us about any particular skill, experience or expertise that you have and would like to share.
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You may already have a specific workshop idea in mind. If you do, please tell us about it here.
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Does your proposed workshop require any payment up-front (e.g. for materials?)
Does your proposed workshop have any further additional requirements? (e.g. limit on number of participants; specific lighting/ventilation/space/seating/technical requirements; pre-registration material for participants; something else)
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Do you want to propose another type of programming item? (e.g. open mic, presentation, other)
Is this item something you envisage running, or just something you would like to see on the programme?
Please describe your proposed programming item below.
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Have you run out of room on the form to tell us about all your ideas? Add them here, or submit another response!
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Thank you! You will be able to edit your responses until the end of July, and we aim to have the programme finalised by the end of August.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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