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Brite Winter 2020 Artist and Art Crew Application
KA-BLIZZARD! Brite 2020 brings you a Fluri-filled Wintertime Adventure full of Mischief and Mayhem!

Held February 22, 2020, on the West Bank of the Flats, Brite Winter is all about fighting those winter doldrums through any means possible . . . resulting in our 2020 theme, which draws on comic book and cartoon inspiration, scrapbook-style nostalgia, with a healthy dose of Dr. Suess-meets-Dada . . . in other words, a KA-BLIZZARD of fun!

Now in its 11th year, Brite is Cleveland's premier wintertime event, a festival full of music, art, fire and fun. The Brite Art Team oversees community participation in a range of ways: it manages Vendors and Exhibitors ( and also welcomes a collaborative Art Crew to work on large installations under the direction of Project Leads chosen from the community. Workshops are held at IngenuityLabs at the Hamilton Collaborative, Thursdays at 6 -9 pm and Saturdays at 2-6 pm. Read through/fill out this form to find out about each opportunity and how to get involved!

In 2020, the Ka-Blizzard theme will manifest as a series of snapshots showcasing the wintertime (mis)adventures of Fluri and friends! Brite guests will visit 8-12 very photographable, interactive, immersive scenes that capture all the fun *en media res* such as . . .

-- a sweet n' cozy wintertime baking scene gone slightly awry: stacks of mis-matched pastel bowls towering to the ceiling, batter oozing everywhere, an old-timey stove that may be poofing smoke, and some suspiciously Fluri-shaped batter-prints leading out of the frame

-- an outdoor assembly of snow-critters stand cute, cuddly, and just a little lopsided - given that some may have wings, horns, and maybe even mer-tails, this frozen army is unlike any other

-- a toasty campfire is usually a place to find sticks for roasting marshmallows, but this off-kilter wintertime scene invites guests to roast odd stuff like rubber chickens, a whole cherry pie, maybe even an old boot!

-- a classic chilly Saturday morn is spent in the living room sprawled out in front of the TV, where cartoons or video games abound - here, interactive or green screen technology turns a People-Sized TV into an over-the-top game?

-- an igloo is the perfect place to enjoy a little ice fishing . . . but who expected to pull up an old message in a bottle, suitcase of treasure, baby swamp monster or antique lawnmower?

-- a brilliant scientist's laboratory is tucked away in the woods, high on a hill. When Fluri and friends sneak in, they find an array of buttons and dials, gauges and doodads . . . all part of a mad scheme to control the weather!

In addition to these full-sized, walk-in scenes, we're looking for local artists/illustrators to imagine even more fun misadventures in 2 dimensions. (Make sure to check the box below!)

We're accepting applications for artists who can help us bring these themes to life! There are a couple of KEY ways to get involved - you can participate as a Volunteer, Crew Member, a Project Lead, or Independent. Please read on to learn more!

VOLUNTEERS join our family to pitch in when they can! Make new friends, clean up after yourself, follow safety procedures . . . and you're IN!

ART CREW MEMBERS will work with us over the weeks leading up to Brite Winter - we typically meet Thursday afternoons and Saturdays in the Saint Clair Superior neighborhood at the Hamilton Collaborative. Experience is not necessarily required, but helps to know what skills you have and what skills you want to learn! Crew members are different than volunteers (who can show up at any time) in that we will ask you to commit to supporting some aspects of a project and see them through. Your attendance at a majority of workshops, installation, and breakdown/clean-up is required. Activities take place at the IngenuityLabs @ the Hamilton Collaborative and at the Brite Winter site in the flats.

ART LEADS have a vision or concept they want to bring to life during (a) dedicated workshop(s), which they direct. Leads design and implement the project with our support and in collaboration with the CREW. Art Leads are responsible to making sure their project is completed, and are responsible for ensuring materials are available, instructions/methods are taught, and activities are cleaned up. Your attendance at a majority of workshops, installation, and breakdown/clean-up is required. Activities take place at the IngenuityLabs @ the Hamilton Collaborative and at the Brite Winter site in the flats.

INDEPENDENT ARTISTS typically work independently on their projects, including budgeting, construction and installation, though we check in to make sure it all comes together! These projects are typically built offsite. Applicants will be notified of acceptance on a rolling basis wherever possible; Applications for Art lead and independent artist are preferred by December 24, 2019 and due no later than January 6, 2020.

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How did you hear about Brite and have you participated? In what capacity?
How would you like to be involved in Art at Brite?
Please let us know about your skills and interests:
Please let us know anything else about your background and the kinds of projects you like working on, including your professional experience, if applicable.
What day(s) would you plan to join us?
We know it's a long way out, but it helps to have a sense of your availability. Please help us understand if you have ongoing conflicts/commitments. Our collaborative builds are an important part of the process for CREW and ART LEADS. You should make every effort to be available Thursday workshops 6-9 pm, Saturday workshops 2-4 pm, and especially clean-up/breakdown. INDEPENDENT ARTISTS and 2-DIMENSIONAL ILLUSTRATORS must still be available to install and break down in a timely manner. Please use "other" to add any relevant information.
2-DIMENSIONAL ILLUSTRATORS ONLY: what do you want to create?
Please describe your preferred media (acrylic, aerosol, digital, etc.), the scale you prefer working at, and whether you'd prefer to complete your work in advance or live. Then describe the scene you'd like to create, keeping in mind the themes of fun and wintertime adventure!
If you are interested in joining us as a PROJECT LEAD or INDEPENDENT ARTIST, please fill out the next section. Otherwise, you're all done! Simply click through and hit "submit." You'll receive further emails that will keep you in the loop on workshops and next steps!
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