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This application is due Sunday, October 10th, 2021 by 11:59pm!!!

A little low-down on what you are in for when you apply to be a head chef:

You get $600 to buy ingredients to put on a multi-course dinner in Atwater for 80 people on a Friday night.
You prepare a menu design (which we print and distribute) and a playlist (which we play.)
Dolci employs you and student workers to prepare, cook, and serve the meal. For the head chef it's about 10-15 hours total of work, distributed over 3-4 days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday usually).
You are a part of a fun, rewarding, and an unforgettable experience!

A few tips/FAQS from the Dolci Board on your application:
- We recommend that you apply with a co-chef to split the duties; however, this is not required.
- We ask that you give us a clearly thought out idea for your meal. You don't have to lock in your menu now, but we would like to see a clear proposal of some dishes so that we can accurately choose the best applications.
- Dolci dinners typically have a theme or name (ex. Thai, fermented foods). This can be helpful to some people but it is not required. If you have an idea of what you would like to cook, but don't have a theme, that's fine too. If you are choosing a theme, keep in mind that the meal should be balanced and have some variety.

You don't have to have worked a Dolci before applying to be head chef. However we do require you to work a Dolci before head-chef'ing one. This should not be a problem, and we will work to find a day that works best for you to learn how the Atwater kitchen works!

Do not be worried about your exposure to Dolci given how COVID has altered operations. We will help you all the way through to make sure that you feel ready and excited for an incredible meal!
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Please present a possible menu. We understand that you may want to make changes later, but try to give us a good idea of what you would like to cook. If you have multiple ideas, show us both. *
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A Dolci head chef typically spends about 10 hours in the weeks leading up to the Dolci preparing and about 15 hours during the week of the Dolci. I am willing to commit this time if selected as a head chef. *
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