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MAKING MOVES submission form
MAKING MOVES, a monthly gathering, promotes and celebrates local choreographers, dancers, and
movement makers. One night a month Kansas City dance makers, dancers, and dance enthusiasts
gather at Charlotte Street’s Capsule to support local choreographers, performance artists, and dance companies as new work is shared, discussed, and experienced. These events are curated via application, with each month’s event
centered around a different dance experience. Curated by Kyle Mullins, this monthly event aims to
simultaneously build the dance community from the inside while building bridges the community.
MAKING MOVES’ mission is to build bridges and connections within Kansas City’s dance community as
well as to both existing and new dance audiences. Events vary from informal to formal and take place
outside the confines of traditional performance venues, allowing for new and deeper connections to the

Please provide a description about your proposed work of up to 1,000 words. Indicate whether you are wanting to show a single piece (10 minute max), a mid-length work (20 minute max) or a full evening/repertory concert. Provide relevant links to your website, vimeo page, etc.

For more information visit:

Questions? Please email Kyle at

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