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The Family Sustainability Survey
Please help us understand blank spots and family sustainability a little better by completing the following survey?Thanks!
If you had a child involved in an open divorce case, then would you feel safer with or without a child safety file? (Safety files are peers working together to support and encourage themselves and especially their children throughout these programs).
The Childhood Blank Spot
Do you know what it feels like to be left out - and left out hard?
Are childhood blank spots complicated by time-lapsed contract protocols?
If your were involved in an open school strike program or a divorce, or God forbid both at the same time, then would you feel safer with or without a family safety file system? (A network of concerned peers working together to support and encourage one another and especially their children throughout these programs).
The Familyhood Blank Spot
Remember what if feels like during a school or work strike?
Are familyhood blank spots complicated by time-lapsed contract protocols?
If your child were involved in a divorce, a school strike, a grandparent in a seniorhood guardianship program (like in the following "Guardianship" movie), or God forbid all three of these at the same time, then would you feel safer with or without a safer private network (SPN) like Family Law 2.0 with child safety files?
Seniorhood Blank Spots
Unfortunately, as we know from history, groups of people can become obsessed with controlling other groups of people without regard. What will you do when accusations come for you? Whether they are true or false doesn't matter in the blank spots.
All the most vulnerable people in any legal separation or divorce case may be unfortunately situated in a similar endangerment, or cruelty zone - the blank spot in the middle complicated by time-lapsing protocols that sucks their minds and lives away. A SPN can be thought of as an underground railroad, like the shield, or a hyperlink underground train, to get them through.
Do blank spots constitute cruelty?
Can the vulnerable people in the heart, or middle of family law blank spots be shielded?
Connect the dots, or don't. Blended family law spans the divide with vulnerable safety in mind. Consider hiring a licensed professional who has integrated with Family Law 2.0 for all of your future cases and policies.
Today's underground network.
In one recent survey, 100% of those who responded said that if their child was in the middle of an open legal battle like divorce, school strike, or both, then their children would feel safer with a child safety file.
Do family blank spots like school strikes and seniorhood blank spots cause alienating excuses / social out-castings?
If you believe that these blank spots do cause either cruelty or social out-casting, then could people also "fill in the blanks" themselves and prevent cruelty and out-casting?
Or, is it ever too late for authors and gamers of nuclear family blank spots to apologize?
Is it too late?
Could we measure and prevent the pain of out-casting with the new peer-to-peer currency called Clean Law?
With team CLU and Clean Law, we're underground building a responsive, n-demand, customize-able, peer-to-peer safer private network (SPN). Including underground railroad money.
Only you can prevent familyhood blank spots in local, state, and federal policy.
Family Law 2.0 (safety files) has a goal that every child has a family. Practitioners accomplish this goal by enlightening, or positively counter-balancing the record. Anyone can earn a license to practice independently for themselves. Will this new profession and pioneer parenting challenge lead to next-generation safety and renewable policy?
Preventing the common feelings of learned mistrust, frustration, and elevated stress due to blank spots.
Every year, one out of ten children grades K-12 will experience family separation and divorce according to St. Angelo (2019). About 15-30% of those, she says, will be subjected to high conflict dynamics like anger, mistrust, and the elevated stress due to diverging parental and political preferences. Studies also show that young adults and adolescents involved with divorce show a significant increase in violent thoughts and a significant decrease in academic preparedness (Neighbors et al., 1992). There are currently no self-reporting tools for young people that allows parents, caseworkers, and psychology professionals to identify children who may be at risk for long-term negative mental health consequences of divorce.

This survey examines self-reporting technology and analyzes data derived from an existing study regarding the psychological impacts of divorce on children to advance our community understanding. The goal is to ascertain whether data acquired through a self-reporting form for children and seniors could be applied in conjunction with standard mental health therapy to allow for trauma prevention targeting the aspects of divergence proceedings that are most troubling to them, i.e. stress related to custody and property transfers.


Angelo, M. S. (2018). High Conflict Separation/Divorce, Intimate Partner Violence and its Effects on Child
Adjustment (Doctoral dissertation, William James College).

Neighbors, B., Forehand, R., & Armistead, L. (1992). Is parental divorce a critical stressor for young
adolescents? Grade point average as a case in point. Adolescence, 27(107), 639–646.
Blind spot relief - These are some brave young kids going after the cracks in the system and improving our public safety.
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