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Class of 2018 College Survey
Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. If a question doesn't apply to you, then don't answer it. Our whole class is taking this survey, and we will publish the results in the Journal. The Journal may privately reach out to you to elaborate on a response.
Email address *
What is your plan after high school? *
What is your preferred area of study?
Are you applying to a pre-professional program?
In what grade did you decide what area of study/major you want to pursue?
How many colleges did you apply to/are you applying to?
How many colleges did you visit?
In what regions are the school(s) to which you applied/are applying? (Choose all that apply)
Did you/will you apply to any SUNY schools?
Did you/will you apply to any private schools?
Did you/will you apply to any international schools?
Did you apply Early Decision to a school?
Did you apply Early Action to any schools?
Do you plan on studying abroad?
Do you plan on taking a gap year?
Are you applying for financial aid?
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