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Volunteer interest form - JC Vigil for Refugees
Yes! You're looking to help locally resettled refugees and advocate with Jersey City Vigil for Refugees!

This survey is for all volunteers. There is a specific series of questions for volunteer English tutors. If you are not seeking to tutor, please feel free to leave those questions blank.

This information is confidential and will only be used by our community network.

What is your name (first and last)? *
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How do you most want to help? *
JCVR's weekly vigil spreads awareness of the growing refugee crisis, and serves as hub for conversation and coordination for volunteers.
What's the best way to stay in touch?
What's your e-mail address? (will not be shared outside of JC Vigil for Refugees network) *
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In Oct. 2016, JCVR hosted a fundraiser for resettled refugee families at Porta in Jersey City. It was a huge success.
Do you have any professional skills or connections that might be valuable for our efforts in helping refugees?
JCVR has hosted and supported several drives and online purchasing campaigns to provide resettled refugees with things like winter clothes and school supplies.
Do you speak any foreign languages? If so, please clarify your proficiency.
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If you speak a foreign language, check the linguistic services you'd like to help with.
Jenny is a JCTC volunteer and tutor. Her photos taken in a Greek refugee camp have been displayed in exhibits to promote JCVR's work. Sales of the photos have helped raise hundreds of dollars for refugee families.
Do you have access to free or cheap photocopies for outreach and tutoring materials?
JCVR sets up this outreach table at several community events.
If you were to come to a meeting, vigil, or event, which time(s) and day(s) would *generally* be the best?
If you were to attend a meeting, vigil, or event, which location(s) would *generally* be the best for you?
How did you find out about JC Vigil for Refugees?
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Would you like to share a bit about yourself and why you would like to help refugees?
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Keep going! The second section is specifically for tutoring volunteers...
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