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The Broke Student Survey
When OSA went to ask the legislature for more financial aid, they told us straight to our faces: "Why can't you just get a second job?"

Hold my beer.

People who make decisions about financial AID have no idea what students are going through, how hard we have to work to just get by, the sacrifices we have to make. So we're going to show them.

The Broke Student Survey is a way for us to put the reality of being a student in Ohio in front of people in power and show them just how much it takes to get by. If we collect enough responses, we can go to the legislature and say, "See? This is why we need more financial aid from the state!" ESPECIALLY if you are no longer a student, please fill this out so we can show them how big of a problem we're up against.

Please take 5 minutes to fill this out and sign up to get involved if you'd like to help us pressure the legislature for more financial aid, so we can all be a little less broke.

If you did not go on to higher education after high school, or had to drop out, were financial barriers a reason?
If you did not attend higher education, feel free to say "N/A" for the questions below that don't apply. Our movement's for everybody, not just people who went to college.
If you attended, what higher education institution did/do you attend? *
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What's your graduation year? *
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How much did you receive in financial aid (grants, Ohio College Opportunity Grant, scholarships, Pell)? And what were the sources of that aid? *
For example: OCOG - $550; Academic Scholarship - $3000; Track Scholarship - $1000; Work-Study - $1500
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How much did you have to take out in loans? *
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How many hours per week do/did you work at a paid job while you were going to school? *
Did you have to apply for food stamps, SNAP, or cash assistance during college?
How many times a week did you have to skip a meal per week because of financial constraints? *
Which of the following did you struggle to afford during college? (choose as many as apply)
On average, how many hours per sleep did you get per night in college?
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Would you like to get involved in the movement to make higher education accessible for all of us?
Did you experience barriers to attending college because of the criminal justice system?
First Name
We will not share your name with anyone.
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Last Name
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Your Age
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How do you identify (race/class/ethnicity/nationality/gender)?
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Phone number
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Email Address (we will only email you if you say that you want to get involved)
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Do you have a story about being broke in college that you would like to share for our story bank? If so, please share it here.
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