Hormone Goddess Program Application
***LIMITED TIME OFFER to work with Sarah 1:1 inside of her signature Hormone Goddess Rising (expires 11/20/23 and available to the first 5 women who sign up. I will include the details for you to check out below. :)

If you're interested, please fill this application out & we will connect within 48 hours with the next steps!

If you're struggling with any of the following, this program is for YOU!

  • Chronic fatigue that makes you want to stay in bed all day
  • Crippling period pain and heavy flows
  • Irregular cycles
  • Unpredictable gut flare-ups
  • Aggravating constipation making up feel stuck or urgency to get to the bathroom
  • Embarrassing 7-month-pregnant-like-bloating
  • Trouble sleeping every single night
  • Mounting food sensitivities
  • Spiraling anxiety and inability to handle stress
  • Frustrating weight loss resistance
  • A foggy and forgetful brain
  • Uncontrollable cravings for ALL the sweet and salty things
  • Consistent hot flashes and night sweats
  • Low libido, hair loss, headaches, and skin issues (acne, psoriasis, rosacea)
  • PCOS, thyroid issues, and autoimmune disorders
I'm excited to support you on your health journey!

Xo, Sarah Ball, CFMP, FDN-P, CECP
LIMITED TIME OFFER work with Sarah 1:1 inside of her signature program Hormone Goddess Rising 

What's Included:

HTMA test included (hair tissue mineral analysis) to uncover imbalances within your metabolism, gut and hormones - $199 value

GI Map test included to explore your GI tract including pathogens parasites, candida, h.pylori, digestive health, inflammation, food sensitivities, and immune system - $582 value

(2) Video Recorded Lab Reviews to review your lab results line-by-line and go over your personalized next steps to create balance within your body. - $600 value

Custom food, lifestyle & holistic targeted supplementation protocol based on your lab findings. - $399 value

(6) Emotion Code sessions with Sarah to help you release generational trauma, clear blocks in your energetic field and align your body, mind and soul with radiant wholeness.  - $950 value

(2) Sessions with Sarah to dive into EXACTLY what you need support with - $1,000 value

Examples of topics that can be covered: mineral balance, gut repair, liver detoxification, pathogen eradication, sleep Hygiene, managing stress and parasympathetic tools for self healing, movement for your body, creating your vision + identity, how to stay motivated, expanding your nervous system capacity, neural endocrine and subconscious rewiring, belief excavation and transformation, shadow work, inner child healing, cyclical life management and manifesting, etc!

Full access to Sarah's signature ROOTS Method to restore hormone, metabolic and gut health. - $777 value

AND all of THIS starting in January!

12 live community calls with Sarah and the Hormone Goddess Team over 4 months including:  - $2,500 value

(4) Mindset mastery calls to transform limiting beliefs and rewire your mind to unlock your self healing potential.

(4) Somatic stress release calls to regulate your nervous system, holistically discharge stress, blocked emotions, and body tension while restoring resilience.

(4) Office hour calls with a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner to go over your custom protocol, lab result, and supplement questions.

Member-only private community of women worldwide on the same journey  - $149 value

Weekly accountability with the Hormone Goddess team  - $400 value

Access to our complete online library of protocols, trainings and tools to help you on your journey. - $555 value

Access to the Hormone Goddess Rising self-paced course and community for questions/support for 12 months (yes, an entire year together - YAY!) - value $1,500

15% off ALL supplements - savings over $360 dollars

Enjoy 6 ENTIRE months worth of delicious meal guides that support your energy, thyroid, gut health and female biology (that are both family and hubby approved too!) - value $249

Re-testing options at killer discounted rates (normally only reserved for our highest level one-on-one clients) - savings over $799 dollars

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*Note: At Hormone Goddess, we want to make sure we are leading you towards the support that fits within your needs. Outside of working with Sarah 1:1 in her signature program we have a 4-month group program, Hormone Goddess Rising, HTMA test package, and self paced course, Hormone Goddess Academy if you are looking for something to better fit your health spending plan. Prices start at $349
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