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2018 LACBA Membership Form
The LACBA is composed of both large and small scale commercial beekeepers as well as bee hobbyists, and bee enthusiasts.

The Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association (LACBA) Objectives:
*To promote the interest of bee culture and beekeeping within Los Angeles County.
*To enhance the education of the general public and of the association members concerning the important roles of honeybees in the natural, rural, and urban worlds.
*To provide information for the closer cooperation of beekeepers with apiculture researchers and public agencies that they may work together for the promotion of systematic, managed beekeeping in the County of Los Angeles.

Stated simply, our primary purpose is the care, welfare, and enjoyment of honey bees.

We hope to achieve our objectives through educating ourselves, practicing responsible beekeeping throughout the seasons, sharing our studied and practical knowledge with the general public, and supporting honeybee research through monetary donations and volunteering efforts.

Membership Benefits include:
-Monthly newsletters
-Beekeeping classes + workshops
-Email updates on beekeeping news
-Access to participate in our mailing lists**

There are five short sections to this form:
-Basic Information
-Bee Products + Services

Only the first 2 sections are required. Please take a moment to fill out the last two sections so the club can better tailor it's efforts to match the wishes of the members. The last section is also optional, and is provided in case you'd like more information and your bee related products and services listed online someday.

Please pay $20 regular or $45 contributing membership fees in person at one of our meetings or events, or drop a check in the mail to PO Box 805-1 La Crescenta CA 91224 Attn: LACBA Membership.

Please fill out a paper application at one of our events or download/print/mail if you would like to become a member however you prefer not to submit your information online.

Email address *
**Please Note:
Participation in LACBA mailing lists is a privilege; one offered to those who uphold the ethical standards and best practices for beekeeping, as established by The Association.
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