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Registration form: Understanding Collective Agreements in the Commerce Sector -BARCOM* final Conference, Brussels, Wednesday 28 February 2018
Draft Agenda:

Place: Trade Union House, Brussels
Time: 9.30 - 16.00

• Introduction of participants (all)
• Introducing the BARCOM project - Paulien Osse, WageIndicator/ University of Amsterdam/AIAS
• Competitive structures and collective bargaining in the commerce sector throughout Europe - Maarten van Klaveren, University if Amsterdam/AIAS
• Analyses of the CBA database outcomes for the commerce sector, Janna Besamusca, University of Amsterdam/AIAS
• Analyses of the collective bargaining landscape in the commerce sector, Marta Kahancova, Celsi
• Specific problems in collective bargaining: lack of agreements, Poland; Hubert Krogulec,NSZZ Solidarność" Commerce
• Specific problems in collective bargaining: lack of transparency, - Michele Faioli, University of Rome, Italy
• Comparison of multinational collective agreements across countries, - Daniela Ceccon, WageIndicator/University of Amsterdam/AIAS and negotiator.
• Collective agreements and social dialogue – conclusion and perspectives, UNI Europa and Eurocommerce.

* BARCOM is a research project funded by the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion, Programme on Improving Expertise in Industrial Relations (Project No. VS/2016/0106). BARCOM stands for: With innovative tools for bargaining support in the commerce sector

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