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Evaluation of Mentoring Program- Mentors
Note that all data will be aggregated for any reports. No names will be reported or seen by anyone other than the Director.
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What did you hope to gain from the Mentor Program?
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What general topics did you discuss with your mentee?
What topics related to teaching practices did you discuss with your mentee?
What topics related to professional development did you discuss with your mentee?
Please answer the following about your experience as a mentor in the program this year.
Strongly Disagreee
Neither Agree or Disagree
Strongly Agree
I felt comfortable being a mentor
I felt comfortable asking my mentee questions
My mentee introduced me to new resources.
I introduced my mentee to new resources.
The mentorship process has been very rewarding.
On average, my mentee and I had contact
On average, what communication format did you and your mentee use to communicate?
Was this communication format effective? Why or why not?
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Were you pleased with the level of contact your had with your mentee? Why or why not?
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Were there topics that you would have liked to discuss but did not? Why or why not?
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What aspects of the mentorship program worked well for you?
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What aspects of the mentoring program did not work for you?
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Do you anticipate the relationship continuing? Please explain.
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Is there anything STP could have done to help the mentorship experience be more successful? If yes, please describe.
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Based on your experience this year, would you consider volunteering to be a mentor in the program in the future? Please explain.
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If we host sessions related to mentoring or the mentoring program at conferences, would you be interested in attending or presenting?
Are there other types of events, related to mentoring, you would be interesting in attending?
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Would you consider attending a mentor training session?
Please feel free to add anything else you think we should know.
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