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President Application
The roles for the President is to be the model of effort and support for all team/club members.

This position will eventually assume the Vice President ascending to it, but we will ask for applications for it this year.
The Vice President will not be guaranteed this position, we are assuming this system will work for now, but could change it if we see fit.

Main responsibilities are:
- Coordinating With Other Roles and keeping the team on track
- Identify priorities and challenges for the group
- Main communicator with mentors about general club/group activities
- Acting as a role model in all aspects: effort, integrity, contribution, support of others
- Reflect on the group/club as a whole to help decide what needs improvement

The President is NOT necessarily the leader of FIRST or VEX or any other activity, but the person who is concerned about the success of technology activities for students in the Lanier Cluster.

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While you were a leader on the team were there any complications with the team, if so how did you solve them? *
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