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Contract for Great Pony Parties & Petting Zoos
Thank you for choosing Great Pony Parties, Petting Zoos and Pony Portraits.

* Reserve/clear the date by calling us at 951-657-3339.
* Make your deposit while on the phone with us.

Please read and fill-in the form below.  That’s it! Please send this form/ contract within 72 hours of your reservation and deposit.

Contract Information

Our goal is to provide quality entertainment for you, your friends and family. Here are a few notes to help us in
coordinating your party/event:
1. If you have given us your deposit by phone, we will be there!
2. Due to increased volume of traffic, inclement weather, and construction on our highways, please be advised that the scheduled start time of your Pony Party is subject to a 15-30 minute leeway. (We make every effort to be a little early.)
3. Please remember- our truck and pony trailer will require about 4 car lengths of curb space at your party. Please save us a parking area curbside.
4. Also remember- Our ponies are very well behaved, but they are animals- not machines. Children will be asked to keep their distance from the horses until it is their turn to ride. Allow our handlers to run the
pony operations. If ponies/horses are to be ridden at the party/event, a “Release of Liability” form can be printed from our site and must be signed at the event for each of the riders participating.
5. Please have the balance due payment readily available at the scheduled party/event time. Balance due payments for our services must be paid in cash at the time of the party (unless otherwise arranged by our office). Tips are gratefully received (15-20% is appreciated).
6. Please note: Often, the demand for our animal party service is great and the ponies may be in route to another party/event. Allow them to stay on their time schedule.

Thanks again for choosing Great Pony Parties, Petting Zoos & Pony Portraits! These parties/events are a lot of fun and it will be a day to remember for all who attend.

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Email *
What is the date of your party/event? *
What time should we begin at your party/event? *
How long do you want us to stay? *
Complete Address- Where will the party event take place? *
Phone number *
What would you like us to bring? i.e; pony, petting zoo, face-painter, clown, etc. *
Total Price for Party *
We carry insurance and can provide proof of insurance upon request at no additional charge.  If you require "Additional Insured" or an "Endorsement" for your event, there will be an additional charge  Do you require "Additional Insured" or an "Endorsement"? *
If "Yes" please detail what is required. (i.e; exact wording for an Endorsement, etc.
Hold Harmless Agreement *
We are a specific industry. Our service is based on an “out of office” procedure. We have been hired by you (hereby known as “client”) for the sole purpose of providing entertainment for a specific event. This event has a specific date,time and length.As unforeseen events may occur, we cannot be held responsible for those considered to be an act of God (i.e. theft,accidents, and incidents that are beyond a normal persons control and are in no way negligent towards said confirmation). If such an incident should arise, it is our priority to fulfill the obligatory duties set within the confirmation agreement, between both parties (Great Pony Parties Petting Zoos and Pony Portraits & client). In such a case, the client immediately notifies our office of any problem. 2.) Both parties agree upon a mutual solution that will only help and benefit the circumstances. Release of Liability forms must also be signed by each rider’s parent or guardian before riders are allowed on the pony/ horse.  By signing this agreement the client agrees to hold Great Pony Parties, Petting Zoos and Pony Portraits with a “Hold Harmless Agreement” and the client agrees not to pursue any matters through our court systems, or any other legal avenue.
I have read and agree to the conditions of the contract. (Checking "Yes" constitutes your digital signature.) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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