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Feral Showgirls (and guys!) Performance Group
Performance Group Application: Apply to join our traveling performance group, all styles of performer and performance will be considered. This group requires participation in a show at least once every 45 days. Utmost importance is placed on being reliable, responsible, and creative, and absolutely MOST OF ALL playing well with others under all circumstances.
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Have you ever been to one of our Feral Showgirl cabaret shows? You will not be asked for an audition until you have attended a show (and if not, you will NOT be considered)
Performance Type (belly dance? burlesque? vocals? Something else? Being a double, triple, or quadruple threat is a real benefit!) Please note that we cannot currently accept aerial performers or fire performers as the majority of our venues do not have the ability to host these types of activities.
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A live audition in front of a small group of Feral Showgirls will be required (even if we know you!). The audition will be held at Hipnotic World Fitness Center in Chesapeake, VA on April 20th 2019. Is this something you would be able and willing to do?
Which cities are you will to travel to? *
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Are you able to comply with any and all ABC laws regarding dress and undress?
Will you allow performance photos and/or video to be used for promotional purposes? I am aware that it is possible I could be tagged in a photo on social media. Hipnotic dba Feral Showgirls will be held harmless for liability.
Will you be reliable, responsible, and professional? I will arrive to the performance venue at the requested time. I will also give reasonable notice if I am not able to perform for any reason. I understand that being a no-show or being late to a show may diminish my ability to be cast in future shows.
I understand that I may be cast in both paying shows and shows where I work for tips. All money collected is split evenly between the performers. There will be no minimum guarantee for any set or performance date. *
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