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2018-2019 IJAS Membership Form
If you intend for your school to become a member of the IJAS for the 2018-2019 school year you must fill out this form.

After submitting the form (but not before September 1), a confirmation email will be sent along with an attached invoice to submit to your business office.

Your school will then be posted on the IJAS website (member schools tab) as a school whose membership status is pending.

When the check is received from your school, membership status will be changed from pending to complete.

 Membership fee is $75.00 if form is filled out before Dec. 31 and check is postmarked before Jan. 14, 2019.
 Late Membership fee is $100.00 ( forms posted after 12/31 and checks postmarked after 1/14 - acceptance is not guaranteed).
 If your registration fee has not been received before participation in the Regional Expo, then fee is $200.00.
 Each school or building in a school district must register as a separate member school.
 Your IJAS region may assess other fees to cover the cost of operating a Regional Exposition.
 Your registration will be confirmed via e-mail and will be posted on the IJAS website
 Please make sure that all information is correct
 We require that all sponsors provide a current e-mail. Most communication will be by email.

Email address *
IJAS Region
If you know it. New Member Schools will be assigned a region by IJAS. (The IJAS Region is also the first digit of a 4 digit IJAS # - or the first two digits of a five digit IJAS #.)
Was your school a member in the past 2 years?
If it was not, your school will be assigned an IJAS school number that helps us identify the school and IJAS region your school belongs to.
School IJAS # (for people who answered yes to the above question)
If you answered no to the previous question leave this blank. You will be given an IJAS # and it will be available on the IJAS website on the "Member Schools" tab. If you answered yes, but you don't remember it and cannot find your IJAS #, leave this blank.
Your answer
Public or Private *
For region placement, it is often important to know whether the school is Public or Private
School Name *
Full name: As you would like it to appear on certificates
Your answer
Size of School (Number of students in the school) *
JUNIOR HIGH / MIDDLE SCHOOL - Students enrolled in 7th grade plus the number of students enrolled in 8th grade. HIGH SCHOOL - Total number of students enrolled in grades 9 thru 12 IF YOUR SCHOOL INCLUDES GRADES 7 thru 12 - Total # of students enrolled in 7th thru 12th grade
Your answer
School Street Address *
Your answer
School City *
Must be in Illinois - IJAS only serves Illinois Schools
Your answer
School Zip Code *
Your answer
School Phone *
Your answer
Grade(s) *
What grade(s) participate from your school?
County *
What IL county is the school in.
Your answer
Sponsor Name *
More than one sponsor can be included....please separate names with commas
Your answer
Sponsor email *
Enter emails for ALL teachers/sponsors who should receive IJAS communications - separate each with a comma.
Your answer
Sponsor Cell *
Cell Phone for the main contact person. To be used for getting in touch during regional and state science fairs, if necessary, and when email may not be working.
Your answer
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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