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Director of Youth Programming Application Questions
Please fill out and submit your answers as part of your application by January 19th. Please send your resume to also by Jan. 19th, 2018. NO COVER LETTERS PLEASE!
Email address *
Please describe yourself and some of your interests. What's your gender & pronoun preference? Where are you from? What defines you? What are your hobbies and/or quirks? *
What is your definition of success when working with youth? *
This position calls for the person to think creatively to engage our youth in a field that does not immediately draw young people of color to it (agriculture). How would you recruit students for Farm Club and our Summer Youth Tillers program? What kinds of activities or workshops would you like to create for them? *
What are your experiences working with Caribbean American, African American, Latinx, and Asian American teens? For how long have you worked with these populations? *
Do you have any experience farming, gardening, or growing plants? If so, in what capacity and for whom (for yourself, community, market...)? What growing techniques did you use? *
The DYP is responsible for facilitating students in individual and collective work. In doing so, this person will have to advise students in their projects/assignments, advise students in conflict management, and counsel students in overcoming fears or self-esteem issues that may come up in your work. Considering this aspect of the position, what experience do you have in counseling young people dealing with challenging situations? *
The DYP works in partnership with HSPS faculty to run Go Green and Farm Club; the DYP also manages and receives support from a program assistant, Repair the World fellow, and occasional Farm School intern. What is your experience managing other individuals in addition to your own work? *
The Youth Farm is a team of three independent consultants who work both collaboratively and independently to manage programs and administrative tasks. While we have a small office at the High School for Public Service, we have no formal meeting space, and rely on partners for event space. When not meeting together or facilitating programs, we largely work from home or locations of our choosing. What's your experience (if any) working in a cooperative / collaborative / non-hierarchical working environment? How do you work in a self-managed, independent setting? What is your time management style? *
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