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10th grade Preference sheet
Please be aware that the purpose of the preference sheet is for your counselor to know the classes you are interested in taking next school year. Your counselor will work with you to program you in the classes required for graduation and A-G.AP classes require a signed contract (*)
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Last Name *
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Birthday MM/DD/YY *
Example 01/12/94
11th grade English *
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Social Science - U.S. History *
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Math *
Reminder that preference will be considered, but your counselor will make the final decision based on academic record.
Science *
Foreign Language *
Fine Arts *
Physical Education Requirement *
You are required to take PE at least through 10th grade or until you pass the Fitnessgram. Some sports will not be offered as classes and student will have to take PE during the school day. The (*) indicates coach approval is needed.
Electives - Choose FOUR *
Some electives may require approval by teacher or may have a prerequisite. The (*) indicates teacher approval is needed.
Credit Recovery *
Would you like to take Edgenuity for ONLINE CREDIT RECOVERY? Follow up with your counselor about the specific classes you need to make up.
Summer School *
Are there classes you need to make up during the summer or want summer enrichment and will you be available?
Additional Information
Please indicate if your are part of an additional activity that requires a different class in your schedule. Example: You are part of leadership or part of the band and would like to continue.
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