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Connectivity Foundry Survey - Industry 4.0
We are a small group of companies looking at how small and medium Industrial companies collaborate to solve problems for Industry 4.0 (also referred to as Industrie 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT).

We would really appreciate your time to fill out this quick survey of 10 questions.

Feedback from this survey will be used to guide the direction of the Connectivity Foundry platform and also the FourDotZero Solutions startup (

Results will be published on the FourDotZero web site

Thank you!
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Is your company developing or looking to develop Industry 4.0 based solutions? *
How large is the company you currently work for? *
What products or services do you or your company specialise in?
Based on your experience, can you describe the biggest challenges in transitioning to Industry 4.0? *
When considering the importance of partnerships in developing Industry 4.0 solutions, which best describes your view? *
Are you a member of an existing Industry 4.0 ecosystem?
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When considering partnerships and ecosystems, what are your greatest concerns? (e.g lack of long term relationships, lack of trust, lack of knowledge sharing, lack of involvement, move too slowly)
How do you think an ecosystem should be governed? *
What is your company's view on contributing to open source initiatives?
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Are you happy for us to potentially contact you to discuss your answers? *
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