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是否曾经想过拥有无限收入?Ever thought of Infinite income?
还在为钱困扰和压力?开销高于收入?Feeling stress with your current income?
聘请: 全职& 兼职
Hiring: Full Time & Part Time

基本条件 Basic Requirement

• 20 岁或以上 Age 20 and above
• 自备交通 Possess Own Transport
• 有上进心 Self Motivated
• 离校生欢迎加入 School leavers are encouraged to join us
• 无需经验 No Experience required

全方面协助你 Full Support provided

• 提供专业知识培训 (法律与贷款知识)
Coaching & training on industrial knowledge will be provided (legal & banker knowledge)
• 一对一实战经验教导 (销售与谈判技巧)1 to 1 coaching (selling skill)
• 高佣金 + 旅游奖励 High Commission & Trip Incentives

还在等什么 , 现在就马上行动!填写以下您的详细信息,我们将尽快与您联系,或者您也可以致电010-567 1089 或者访问我们的网站
What are you waiting for, your chance is here, fill up your details below and we will contact you ASAP or you can also call us at 010-567 1089 or visit us at

加入我们专业团队,成功事半功倍!Join us and you're half way towards SUCCESS!

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