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Jeppe Girls PA 2018
Jeppe Girls Parents Association is a group of volunteer parents willing to give up of their personal time, skills and energy to add value to school functions. The functions where the PA added value in 2017 were: Flower Show, Volley Ball tournament, Soccer Friendly, Junior Netball Tournament, MA Dance (Grade 10 Dance), Fun Run, Junior and Senior House plays and Major Production. The PA is also seen as a Fund Raising arm, by maximizing profits through donations and cost effective shopping these profits are available to the school for out of budget expenses.
The PA focus is one of a quality service and meal over quantity. We communicate using a WhatsApp group, one for Business one for Chit Chat.

The challenge to all in 2018 is to “Get Involved and Make a Difference”.

PA AGM, Tuesday 23 January 2018, 19H00, Jeppe Girls School Hall.

The following posts are available, please review each position and indicate which one you are interested in:
1: PA Treasurer
2: PA Vice Chairperson
3: PA Secretary
4: PA Chairman
5: PA Sports Coffee Shop
6: I would like to volunteer to work at PA Functions when possible.

PA Coffee Shop Powered By Jeppe Girls Parents
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