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SME's registration form for services

Thank you for showing interest in the Somali Small and Medium Enterprise Facility (SMEF) services!

SMEF is committed to help existing SMEs to overcome business challenges which could include but not limited to:
• Business services: business planning, marketing and sales improvement, supply chain optimisation, information management, management consulting, accounting and financial management, etc;
• Technical assistance with: plant/equipment procurement, shipment/installation, production planning, quality control, repair and maintenance;
• Technical skills development of employees.

SMEF will use this information to understand the needs of the targeted SMEs and thereby develop sustainable business or technical services that will be provided by a network of service providers. SMEF stands to support commercially-oriented businesses with a preference for producers, processors, manufacturers and business/commercial service providers that have higher potential to create jobs. Where possible SMEF aims to support SMEs with similar issues in a group to further develop a (sub)sector or industry.

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