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ETN MC survey - Stakeholders, experts, events
Personal information is provided for the sole purpose of designing training curricula. We will not contact you without your consent (which may be provided in section 3.c)
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1. Personal information
Personal information is provided for the sole purpose of designing training curricula. We will not contact you without your consent (which can be provided in the last two questions)

1a. Name *
1b. Affiliation *
1c. Position *
1d. Formal education -  please indicate your most advanced degree (already completed) *
1e. Country
1f. Are you from a European or EU member country? *
2. Who are the relevant stakeholders in the context of ETN?
Stakeholders are individuals or groups with a specific interest in the broad management/environmental/economic context where ETN situates, and who may be affected or influence such management/environmental decisions and actions.
Please specify stakeholders you consider to be important for ETN. Please consider the appropriate geographic scale when providing you input.
2a. Please identify stakeholders at the EU and global scales
2b. Please identify stakeholders at the local/national/regional scale (PLEASE provide a link if possible)
3. Becoming an ETN expert
Contribution by experts may vary depending on ETN needs and, of course, their willingness and availability. Your participation as an expert may include a wide variety of functions such as advising or teaching at training schools, consulting on contents of online training materials, or making yourself available for consult in specific needs.
This listing will be updated as needed - so one could ask to be added or removed from the list at any time.
3a. Would you be willing to enlist as an ETN experienced researcher? *
3b. Fields of expertise
If you agree - please specify key words to indicate relevant fields of expertise (e.g., data analysis, statistics, data management, instrument deployment and maintenance, study and array design, equipment/data compatibility, tagging). Please specify both broad and specific description if possible. For example:
1. Data analyses - correlated random walk models.
2. Data analyses – calculating positions from [manufacturer name here] systems (using r, MATLAB).
3. Tagging – external tagging of small-bodied fish and invertebrates.
4. Deployments – Array design using receivers of multiple manufacturers.

4. Events
We are attempting to maintain an updated list of events relevant to ETN members. By events we mean anything with scientific or professional value including workshops, courses, symposiums, and conferences. This list may potentially be updated and maintained by an individual dedicated to this task. Until then, we ask you to please provide us with any relevant events that you know of, thereby sharing such opportunities with ETN members (and website visitors).
Identify events you think may be of interest to ETN community and beyond. We are interested both in events at a global\continental scale, as well as at a regional\national scale (PLEASE provide a relevant link if possible). For example:
1. Annual symposium of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI),
2. AniMove summer school on movement analysis and ecology,
General comments, suggestions
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