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Summer Search Nomination Form 2019
Nominate yourself or a family member/community member to apply to Summer Search!

September is the start of our recruitment season for incoming sophomores!

Whom to nominate:

Summer Search is looking for high school sophomores who are open to new experiences. During the recruitment process, Summer Search will be looking for some evidence of the following qualities:

Self-reflection – The desire to learn about oneself.

Empathy – The ability to experience or understand another’s experience, feelings, or point of view.

Agency – The awareness of how one’s everyday choices impact their life.

Adaptive Skills – The ability to adjust behaviors in varying situations.

Follow-through – the willingness to complete tasks with or without support.

To be eligible for Summer Search during the 2019-20 school year, students must meet the following criteria:

-Be a high school sophomore.

-Have been born on or after August 1, 2002.

-On my 9th grade transcript, I have no more than two Fs as final grades in the following classes: English, Science, Math, Social Science, and Foreign language.

-Meet the federal free/reduced lunch guidelines.

-Be available for a summer program for 2-4 weeks this summer and next summer.

(Summer Search seeks to achieve gender parity. For every female student, please try to nominate at least one male student.)

Summer Search nominations are open through November but nominate someone/yourself ASAP! First come fist served!

If students attend a partner school, they will soon be invited to an information session. Students who do not attend a partner school will receive an email with next steps, including the formal application.
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