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We all have unique identities, abilities and gifts that have been put within us. These things are the only things that will set us on the path of success and fulfillment, and the moment we listen to the voice that has been nudging us in a particular direction, we find that we're more than willing to put in the hard work guaranteed to lead us on that path of authenticity of expression.

That's what your personal brand is; an authentic expression of your individuality, whatever it is, and this is where it starts.

As humans, many of us live inside of our minds, imagining what may be when we finally start to execute every plan we have going on there.

Do this right now; imagine how it'll be when you're living the life of your dreams. What's that you feel? Joy? Freedom? Exhilaration from doing what you love?

Why not make this happen?

These are all ideas but they will not become reality until you apply structure to them and watch them take a life of their own.

From Idea to Reality is a series of Strategy Sessions that will help you discover a compelling vision that will always serve as a beacon even when things seem difficult while taking you through a journey where you will identify your particular niche, determine your ideal target audience and develop a viable business that will make you money.

From Idea to Reality will make you start your personal brand and turn your ideas into profit.

Venue: WhatsApp (Link to be given to registered participants)
Time: 9pm - 11pm daily
Investment: N10, 000
Pay into: Oluwatobi Olamide Dipe UBA 2063330674

Please send payment details to

I look forward to starting with you.

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