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DDD - volunteer subscriptions
Thank you for your interest! Please complete the form below with your volunteering preferences. You will be contacted a few days before the event with the complete volunteering schedule. During the event we will be communicating through WhatsApp using the mobile phone number you provided. 

Volunteers will be rewarded with a special gift as a "Thank You!" from the Belgian Drupal Community for your time and effort!
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During the event we need help with the following tasks.

Room Monitor

Be in the session room 5-10 minutes before the start of the session.
Introduce yourself to the speaker(s) and let them know you are available in case they need anything.
Provide the speaker a bottle of water for their session.
Remind the speaker to speak into the microphone (that's how session audio is recorded)
Help the AV team with checking if the setup is working correctly, and making sure sound is working if needed.
Check number of attendees in the room, and make sure everyone can find a place (let people at edge seats move to the middle). Avoid people blocking exits and pathways.
Show the "Time left" card that you will find in the room clearly to the speaker at the designated times - i.e. 10 minutes & 5 minutes before the end of the session & at the end.
Make sure attendees do not bring food or drinks into the rooms, as this is prohibited!
1 volunteer needed per session room - preferably multiple consecutive sessions in the same room.

Checkin Desk

Check in attendees by scanning their ticket and printing a name badge.
Provide booklets to attendees.
Provide Drupal Dev Days T-shirts to attendees.
Provide speaker gift if the attendee is a speaker.
Provide general information and guidance.
Notify organisers in case issues are reported by attendees.

Setup and Cleanup

Help sponsors setting up their booth at the allocated spaces.

Attach or remove floor stickers, big banner at entrance, signage for the rooms, etc...
Help clean up (the more the merrier) by removing leftover garbage, flyers, signage, stickers etc... from sponsor lounge, hallways and rooms.
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