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2016 Broadway Bodies Superstar Award Nominations (Preliminary)
It's Here! It's Here! The Preliminary 2016 Broadway Bodies Superstar Award Nominations Are Below!!

OUR COMMUNITY IS HUGEEEEEEE!!! We have sifted through OVER 5,000 student registrations and the lists on our social media platforms. Yet, we still need your help in nominating our phenomenal BB superstars! Use the "Other" field to enter your picks for the 2016 Broadway Bodies Superstar Awards! On June 17th, we will announce the FINAL nominations for our upcoming awards show. (If you do not see your name listed, please charge our EYES and not our hearts. At a certain hour, excel spreadsheets can cause your brain to go dead and eyes to fall out of your head. Do not hesitate to nominate yourself!)

Currently, there is no limit to the number of times you (and your friends) can vote! Choose all of your favorites, and share this link with your squad of superstars.


Final nominations announced: Friday, June 17th
Awards Show: Thursday, June 30th (MARK YOUR CALENDARS, BELOVEDS!!)

You are loved! You are loved! You are loved!

Alistair and the Broadway Bodies Team

BB Lifetime Achievement Award
Superstar of the Year
Rising BB Superstar of the Year
Best Pop Superstar
​Best Broadway Superstar​
Best Dressed In A Dance Class
Sexiest Male Superstar
Best Original Choreography
Best Adaptation of Music Video or Broadway Show Choreography
Unofficial BB Hype Person​ (Best Class Personality/ Energy/ Support)​
Best Class Duo/ Trio
Best Social Media Evangelist
Instructor of the Year
Dance Captain/ Class Assistant of the Year (Official Hype Woman)
Superstar Business of the Year
Best Coverage of a Broadway Bodies Class
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