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Private Event Request
Thanks for inquiring about a private event for your company. Community Bucket is ready and excited to help plan your next community engagement project for your team. Please complete the form below and we will follow up with you on next steps.

The Community Bucket Team
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Which date(s) have you selected for your event?
If possible, please provide no more than 3 possible dates
What time would you like the event to start/end?
Please indicate whether this is flexible, or if the event should not go past a certain time in the afternoon
How many people do you expect to attend?
Please provide a range if you cannot estimate the exact attendance
Do you have any preferences on event location?
If so, please describe. For instance, if you can only be a certain distance from your company's office.
If you plan to serve lunch, would you like Community Bucket to provide catering options?
If you plan to hire transportation for the group, would you like Community Bucket to coordinate it?
What is your overall event budget, including all additional options such as food and transportation?
Please provide a range if you have not established the budget yet
What is the maximum number of volunteer locations you would like to include during the event?
Please note, certain group sizes are too large for one single organization, so large groups are often better split among various locations. If there is an expectation to all eat lunch together, please note these preferences.
Would you like to include a happy hour for your employees after the event?
If so, would you prefer to host this at your place of business or somewhere else?
Please let us know if you need to decide on final event details by a certain date, or need to gain approval for this event, so that we can plan accordingly with your schedule
Are you interested in including event t-shirts for your attendees?  
We can include your logo and any specific design you prefer. We can also provide pricing options in the proposal if you wish to include.
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