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Buckeye application 2019, May 8~14
Thanks for wanting to join us! Please read our webpage about this year to fully understand our intentions and what the scene may be like. This application will help us see how much energy there is for a collective kitchen, for childcare, for land tending, etc, and roll with it. We are not hosting more than 100 folks this year; it is likely that we can accept all applications, but please understand if we need to cap it. Short to medium length answers that say a lot are very helpful to us!
Lake Concow Campground ~ a clear view to the lake, post fire.
If accepted, how sure are you that you would come? *
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What dates can you attend? Our simple model this year is flexible; you can come for any part. We just want to get a sense. We invite you to arrive as soon as May 8; camp will run from May 9 ~ 13, with May 14 as a transition day. Fire ecology conversation will likely be more on the front end. *
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What can you bring to the gathering? What of your physical and interpersonal skills & gifts might be helpful to a collective camp that needs to eat, stay warm, and care for each other, including families? *
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Why do you want to be at Buckeye this year; what would you like to receive from the experience? *
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For nine years, we have raised money for Native scholarships each year, and last year we added scholarships for People of Color. How we will structure this in the future is still unfolding; this year we are offering stipends for travel and food. If you qualify for this, please contact us at
Our Buckeye team will be staying onsite for a few days afterwards to be in a Chrysalis process; are you interested in staying to support that (camp work, cooking, etc)?
What else would you like to add?
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