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The Book Genie - Reviewer Info
Thank you for taking your time to consider our review program. Here are the details of the program you need to know before you sign up for the program:
1. We value time and dedication. The reviews must always be completed within the desired time. Kindly remember that before filling this form.
2. All the reviews must have at least 200 words out of which at least 120 words must about be the review and not the blurb of the book.
3. We run on point system so if you delay with your reviews without information, your points will be deducted.
4. The points can be earned in the below manner:
1 for a review on the blog
1 for a review on Amazon and Goodreads (both are must)
You get paid a total of INR 200 once you reach 10 points.
5. If you are by any chance, unable to review a book, then let us know beforehand so that we can update the information.
6. If you've stuck so far despite so many rules and pointers, then without hesitation come aboard and sign up this form. We will be waiting for your information!

For any further information, kindly visit our website:
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