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Youth Salsa Team Registration (Culture Beat)
New Student Registration Form for Culture Beat Entertainment - FALL 2018 Youth Program! Please fill out the registration form below. One for every student.

Favor de llenar el siguiente formulario. Llene uno por cada estudiante.

Program details:

REHEARSAL: Every Sunday (some exceptions may apply)

TIME: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, Arrive by 12:45 PM (4 Sundays per month)

AGES: Little Stars (6-12 yrs)

LOCATION: Sonia's World of Dance, 5535 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77056

PROGRAM DURATION: Recital Debut will be on SATURDAY, JANUARY 12th at 9:30 PM, but can also perform part of the routine at Puerto Rican and Cuban Festival in October 27 2018. Additional main show will be (voluntary) at the Houston Salsa Congress 2019 (MLK Weekend January)

TUITION: $50 / month (4 classes per month). Payment due at the first rehearsal of each month. $25 for September 23rd and 30th (half month)

NOTE: Discounts available for multiple children in the same household / family.


- Girls: Jazz or Ballet shoes preferred, otherwise flat or tennis shoes. Tights or leggings preferred. Black/dark colors preferred. No sandals or boots please.

- Boys: Flat, light shoes. Tennis shoes are okay. NO Sandals or boots please. Fitted, comfortable clothing recommended. Black/dark colors preferred.

QUESTIONS: or 832-403-7319 (Mr. Hector) SE HABLA ESPAÑOL

Empowering our Youth through dance
Check out the Little Stars' Latest Performance below (VIDEO)
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Is your child available to perform at the recital on SATURDAY, JAN 12th around 9:00 PM?
Estara el niño(a) disponible para el debut show el Sabado, 14 de Julio como a las 9 PM?
Are you interested in the performance at the Houston Salsa Congress 2019 MLK Weekend?
Estara interesado y disponible para el Houston Salsa Congress 2019, el tercer fin de semana en Enero?
Are you interested in the performance at the Puertorican/Cuban Festival in Houston? October 27th
Estara interesado y disponible para el Puerto Rican and Cuban Festival Octubre 27?
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