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Here's basically all the information I'm going to need from you in order to make the poster, the press release, the Facebook event, etc... The sooner you complete this form, the sooner I can make all the promotional materials and announce the event so we can start promoting!
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I prefer to work with organizations that have both a Facebook Page and an Instagram Account, as these are the methods I have found most effective for promotion. If you are lacking either of these, please consider setting one up. Feel free to ask my help with this!
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Please enter any HASHTAGS you know of that are popular LOCALLY that are pertinent to your cause. Again - LOCAL hashtags only. Please pick just the five best ones. (i.e. #VegansOfNY, #LGBTMilwaukee #NashvilleQueer, #ScruffyCityVegans, etc...)
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For the most part, I will coordinate with the organizations by creating a group chat on Facebook Messenger. So please make sure to message "Honey LaBronx" on Facebook if you haven't already so I can add you into our group chat.

But just to be safe, please also provide your info below so I can reach you in a pinch.

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So that you know what's involved, here's what you are signing up for on behalf of your organization:

I agree to team up with Honey LaBronx to put on a fundraiser drag show. I understand that this is going to require work on my part including, but not limited to the following:

Being at the show with at least one additional volunteer on behalf of our organization, and taking on certain jobs that will be assigned in the group chat. I will make sure I have thoroughly read my job description and put whatever I need to in place so that I am accountable for remembering exactly which tasks Honey is counting on me for the day of the show. And I will be sure to re-read that job description the day before the show.

I will take as many of the promotional actions as I am capable of taking, as dictated by Honey in the group chat, to make sure that I cause the best possible turnout for the event.

The actions we will be asked to take are two-fold:
• "Passive" steps like sending out emails, sharing on Facebook, posting on Instagram and other social media
• "Active" steps of reaching out to people individually to invite them to the show, making note of their reply, and following up as needed.

Why the emphasis here on personal invites?

Honey's experience has shown that more the most effective promotional action by far is to reach out to individuals (by text message, direct message on social media, or ideally by a quick phone call), to let them know how special the event is, and to ask if they can be there. When we simply keep track of whether they are a yes, a no, or a maybe, it gives us a very clear idea of whether or not we're on track to meet our goal.

I realize that I am playing the game of causing 25 guests at the show on behalf of my organization, and that may really take something to accomplish, but if I follow Honey's outline and diligently follow her promotional actions, I know that we can do this, and we'll raise a whole lot of money!

Staying in communication through a group chat with Honey on Facebook Messenger. As the person entering into this agreement, I understand that I have to keep my fellow volunteers motivated to do the work, make sure they engage with the group chat and stay in communication, and most of all, bring all my enthusiasm and optimism to the team.

If I do not keep any of these agreements, I realize Honey LaBronx is only a vegan drag queen, and honestly she's not even the BEST vegan drag queen out there, but still I realize there's nothing Honey can actually DO to me. I won't be yelled at, arrested, sued… but deep down inside, I know I'll look back and say “Wow… I really could have given our collaboration so much more effort!”. And I realize that I don't want that to happen. I would rather look back and say “HOLY [EXPLETIVE]! We really DID that!!! Look at all this money we raised!!!” ;)

If all of that sounds like a match for you, please select "Yes" below!

Anything else you'd like me to know?
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