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CSE Anonymous Diversity Survey (Intern)
At Center for Sustainable Economy, we seek dedicated, curious, and motivated people, eager to work on issues of climate and social justice, and who are willing to jump in and be a part of the movement. We expect some familiarity with the goals and organizing models of the climate and environmental justice movements, but no direct experience is required.

People with lived experiences of climate and environmental injustices, such as people who identify as Black or African American, Native American or Indigenous, immigrants or refugees, trans and gender nonconforming people, people experiencing houselessness, people from working-class backgrounds, and women are all encouraged to apply. Our aim in conducting the anonymous survey is to ensure that we hold ourselves accountable for having as diverse a pool of applicants as possible. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to help us meet our diversity goals!
What is your gender identity
Do you identify as transgender (or another non-cisgender identity)?
What is your sexual orientation
What is your racial or ethnic identity? (Please check all that apply.)
Are you a person living with a disability?
How old are you?
Your answer
Is English your first language?
What languages do you speak at home?
Your answer
Do you identify with any of the following religions? (Please check all that apply)
Are you a parent or caretaker of children?
Are you a caretaker of adults?
Do you consider yourself a first generation college graduate?
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