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New Bedford Clemente Course in the Humanities FALL 2022
Class will be in-person this fall and up to date COVID vaccine & booster(s) are required
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Are you comfortable using email to receive attachments (readings and assignments) and send attachments (homework)? Printed readings are REQUIRED for class discussions and close reading. *
Will you be able to access a Google Doc with our course materials? Gmail account required. *
Class enrollment is limited. Will you be available Monday and Thursday nights 6:00-8:00 pm? *
Are you fully vaccinated or will you be fully vaccinated by the time classes start (September 2022)? NOTE: All students must be fully vaccinated to enroll. *
Will you require transportation to Pace Headstart at 28 Madison Street in New Bedford (transport available for New Bedford residents only)? *
Will you need childcare? If yes, please list the names and ages of children requiring care. Also list vaccination status and plans to vaccinate if applicable. *
Please type your response to the John Lewis reading, below. What did you think of the article? What do you think the author was trying to say?  You can find the reading here:  *
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