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SD Livinit
Team Questionnaire
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Languages Spoken: *
( Due to the importance of giving/ and understanding instructions, basic English is required for this position)
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How experienced are you with kayaking? *
How experienced are you with Stand up paddle boarding? *
Nearest coastal access/waterway to where you live? *
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What is your average weekly availability? *
How many days where you could be available for at least an hour or 2
Do you have a current and valid Drivers License? *
Do you have current proof of insurance for the vehicle that will be used? *
Sorry, the 'man' makes me ask.
*Prior to starting, a valid drivers license and proof of insurance will be required to be uploaded*
A criminal background check may be required prior to onboarding.*
Are you currently working? *
If yes, doing what type of work?
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Have you ever worked with any of these companies? *
Do you own or have access to a pickup truck *
(All kayak Transporters MUST have access to a pick up truck)
If yes to to having access to a pickup truck, what make and model?
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Do you feel comfortable loading and securing equipment in the back of your truck? *
Driving record *
If you have 3 or more accidents or moving violations in the past year, please explain...
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Are you able to lift 50 lbs over your head, bend over to lift equipment and carry up to 50 lbs for short distances? (Up to 50 yards) *
If you answered no to any of the last question, please briefly describe what physical limitations or restrictions you have:
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If available as future options, you might be interested in:
Have you ever been CPR certified? *
If yes, is your CPR certification up to date? (Less than 2 years old)
Do you want to help people have awesome aquatic experiences?
Are you currently in school or on a team? *
If yes, please list where below:
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Do you know how to swim? *
Are you motivated? *
Do you have a good attitude? *
Are you reliable? *
Any other questions, comments, ideas? Please share your thoughts- Collaborators welcome!!!
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