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Amazing Human Being : “Co-Created” Community Spaces
A co-created environment are spaces truly created of, by and for the people – people like YOU and I. It is a chance to get connected to like-minded, like-hearted people to explore various possibilities to live, celebrate and take on challenges of life, as they come.

Check out our current list of initiatives below, bringing our world human family together.
(For full details about these initiatives, check out our detailed document here, )

1. Law of Attraction WhatsApp Group: Activity based learning to enhance our cognitive thinking

ThaniOruvan Campaign:
Share your dreams with the world! A brief summary of individual’s dreams in written form, published on our website! (Send a super crisp dream of yours to 9840969548 #ThaniOruvan #AmazingHumanBeing )
Check out some of these bold dreams shared so far here.

21 Days WhatsApp Group:
Turning the many skills, interests and life style practices into applied wisdom by building consistency and exploring further possibilities.

2. Motta Maadi Sandhippu: A highly localized, periodic community gatherings on rooftops to ensure that we spend quality time with each other free from distractions of technology (minimum 3 hours per month)

3. AHB writers: Express your feelings, thoughts, intentions, and experience through writing.

4. Let's Talk Let's Connect: Would it not be super cool to have a common platform for hosting, offering or participating in sharing our skills and knowledge with others, promoting an environment of learning, communication and bridging skill gaps?

5. Journey of Self: Discover and unleash your hidden potential. Build better capacity to listen, breathe and see possibilities in life!

6. Reflection Call: A unique, everyday opportunity to connect, reflect and share (1 minute sharing per person on a short daily call with a team of 10 members.)

7. AHB Radio: Voice your feelings, thoughts, intentions, and your personal experiences to a growing audience in your own voice! An invitation to inspire ethical and healthier journalists/journalism in & around us.

8. Events Today: A curation of events happening in and around our various localities – offering multiple possibilities opportunities available around us each day to choose from to improve our career or way of life!

9. AHB Coders: Can technology truly be used to build a better world? Let’s explore and make it happen!
AHB Coders is a community of coders who wish to improve their coding skills and work on social challenges. Be part of a growing community of people with similar skills, passion, dreams and vision to create a better world, together!

10. Anbudan: An invitation to experientially explore Gift Culture through Gift Circles every Full Moon Day. Learn about alternative economies through activities that help us express our love, trust, and connection for a more beautiful world.

Let's explore together. Share your choices with us in this given form.

This form is intended to connect similar skills, passion, dreams and longer vision together to drive better from here and NOW.

Before engaging in any of the above activities, there are a set of “Agreements” we will be slowing down with. Please go through here,

This is a vital part of the process. Please ping +91 9840969548 for queries around this.

Welcome to our world-inclusive family! You’re now a part of this eco-system of loving heart, smart head and strong hands!

We have a SUPER list of platforms through which we share our learning, offerings and more! Do follow us on any or all of these,

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