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Pavilion Rental
Pavilion rentals are for SCCA members only. All rentals are 3-hour slots and are available 3 times a day Mon-Sat and 2 times on Sunday. All patrons must exit the pool premises after their allotted time. Upon a reservation of MORE than 10 attendees, a check must be provided and made payable to A&B Pool Services for guard hours, at a rate of $21/hour/guard ($63 for 3 hrs, $42 for 2 hrs). Pavilion reservation ($40) allows you up to two picnic tables & the use of one gas grill in the WEST half of the pavilion. The manager will determine guard fees based upon reservation duration and number of guests. A&B Pool Services reserves the right to keep pavilion reservations open until payment has been received. For more information, please see SCCA party page at:

Please check the SCCA calendar for available slots at

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1-10 does not require extra guard. 11-20 requires an additional guard. Please select the total number of attendees. Note that more than 20 requires a private party.
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