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Dogwood Bling ambassador 2019
Want to be an ambassador for our company Dogwood Bling?

πŸ’•πŸ’•Please read everything below before applyingπŸ’•πŸ’•

We want to see you using our products on your social media platforms/account(s), your story, in posts (using our product, tagging us, mentioning us in the caption), in comments, and spreading the word about our treats. You should be proud to represent and be the face of our company on social media, along with in real life.

Our treats as you should already know, can be fed to both horses and dogs. We are looking for people who are either big in the dog scene, or horse scene on social media.

If you become an ambassador, you will receive:

- A 20% off code for personal purchases.

- Custom 15% off code for your profile/friends.

- The first time you spend over $50 while using your 20% off code, you will receive a free gift pack valued at $25.

- For every $100 purchased by your friends using your 15% off code, you will receive $5 in free products. You can redeem your free amount whenever your total reaches $25 or more.

❗️You can not already be an ambassador for another treat company ❗️

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