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2019-2020 Annunciation Church Youth Ministries Registration Form
Kindly register all participating children. All children MUST be registered in order to attend Youth Ministries activities.

Youth Ministry participation, except for Greek School, is FREE thanks to your stewardship contributions and our PTO.

Help us meet our commitment to quality Youth Ministries and keep programming free by becoming an active steward at:
Father/Guardian First Name *
Father/Guardian Email Address *
Father/Guardian Mobile Phone *
Mother/Guardian First Name *
Mother/Guardian Email Address *
Mother/Guardian Mobile Phone *
Would you be interested in volunteering with Youth Ministries? (if yes, we will contact you).
Street Address *
City *
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Zip Code *
Emergency contact, relationship, and mobile phone# if parents are not available *
Physician Name *
Physician Telephone *
Are you current stewards of the Church? *
Please support our Church and its youth programs by becoming a steward. Stewardship is based on a calendar year Jan.1-Dec. 31. Contributions count only for the calendar year in which they are given. NOTE RE: Greek School Tuition - If your stewardship pledge for the 2019 calendar year has not been submitted by Sept. 16, we will be forced to charge the Non-Steward tuition rate. Full tuition payment is due by Nov. 16 if 1 child is enrolled, December 14 if 2 children are enrolled, and February 15 if 3 or more children are enrolled.
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