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* 人工智能工作坊及網上自學課程
- 參加者將學到與創新科技相關的知識,例如人工智能。活動分為兩部份,參加者需要到網上學習平台Coursera註冊及完成自選的創新科技相關課程,並參加一節培訓工作坊。完成工作坊後,參加者可自行申請網上課程證書資助,每人上限800港元。

* 創科體驗
- 參加者將到創科公司進行短期工作實習體驗,公司將安排導師指導參加同學。在體驗中,同學可取得工作經驗及了解行業發展前景。

* 創科概念提案
- 參加者將組成隊伍,每隊需圍繞主題完成2頁的計劃書簡述意念。十隊優秀隊伍將入圍提案,在創科行業專家前作提案演說表現優秀的隊伍將會得到豐厚的獎金去實踐提出的意念。

如有任何查詢,歡迎致電 2561 6149 或電郵至 與莊先生或黃小姐聯絡。

There are 3 activities under the project:
* Artificial Intelligence Skills-Up Workshops & Online Self-Directed Online Learning
- Offer one session AI introductory workshop, then obtain certificate reimbursement.

* InnoTech Experience & Placement
- Provide job experience in inno-tech and startup industry, exchange ideas with the experts and entrepreneur

* InnoTech Solutions Pitching
- Present idea for Innotech Solutions , outstanding teams can get generous prize money to realize proposed idea

For activities details, please refer to the following website:
Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Mr. Kevin Chong or Miss Sarah Huang at 25616149 or
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人工智能工作坊及網上自學課程 Artificial Intelligence Skills-Up Workshops & Online Self-Directed Online Learning
網上學習方面,請參加者在網上學習平台Coursera(AI, data science, innotech-related)選修課程,並遞交津貼申請。
Programme includes two parts: Workshops and Self-directed online course. (We will contact the registered participants for further confirmation)
For online learning, please enroll a course (AI, data science, innotech-related) on Coursera and submit reimbursement application form.
如有興趣參與人工智能工作坊及網上自學課程 ,請核選以下方格。If you are interested in participating Artificial Intelligence Skills-Up Workshops & Online Self-Directed Online Learning, please tick the following option.
創科體驗 InnoTech Experience & Placement
Participants will take part in industrial experience in innovative technology companies.
如有興趣參與創科體驗,請核選以下方格。If you are interested in participating InnoTech Experience & Placement , please tick the following option.
創科概念提案 InnoTech Solutions Pitching
參加者將組成1-8人隊伍,提交2頁的計劃書以展示創科概念。 可自選拍攝不多於3分鐘的影片参加影片相關的比賽,入圍隊伍將進行8分鐘提案和7分鐘的Q&A。
Participants will form teams of 1-8 and submit 2 A4 pages of proposal. And film a not more than 3-minute video on the topic of "Innotech Solutions Pitching. Shortlisted finalists will pitch for 8 minutes and 7 minutes Q&A session.
If you are interested in InnoTech Solutions Pitching, please fill in the part below. You will be requested to fill in a team enrollment form later.
如有興趣參與創科概念提案,請核選以下方格。If you are interested in participating InnoTech Solutions Pitching, please tick the following option.

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