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Northern European Regional Meeting (NERM-2017)
You are welcome to the page of registration form for participation in NERM 2017 in Ukraine!

Ласкаво просимо!

NERM 2017 starts on 12 of May 2017 and finishes on 21 of May 2017 in Kyiv (another opportunity up to the every participant is to finish on 20 of May 2017 in Lviv).

The general topic of the NERM 2017 in Ukraine is „MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE OF FOREST“!

The participation fee depends on the country classification (

Low-Income Countries (LIC): 100 EUR
Middle-Income Countries (MIC): 125 EUR
High-Income Countries (HIC): 150 EUR
Alumni or other IFSA members 175 EUR

It is guaranteed 2 spots for participants per each LC from Northern Europe, but more can register and decide on ranking inside the LC. And if there will be enough free spots, we will accept more people.

Therefore, we ask you to attach recommendation letter from your LC president to be sure that you are really an IFSA member or motivation letter for those who wants to join IFSA at first and run its own LC or Alumni.

Additionally International scientific-practical conference «Impact of young scientists on forestry and horticulture» will take place on 11th – 12th of May 2017 just before NERM 2017, and you can participate too. During the conference, you will have possibility to present your scientific and practical work and visit forests of Chornobyl exclusion zone. Participation fee for conference is 25 euros.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us on e-mail address or our Facebook event: NERM 2017.

Best regards,
KFSA (Kyiv Forestry Students Association)

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