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MRRC Community College Mentor Application
*You do not have to be a transfer student or identify as mixed to be a mentor!!!

Mixed at Berkeley Recruitment and Retention Center is excited to announce its annual Community College Mentorship Program! This advising mentorship is intended for recruiting mixed and underrepresented students of color into higher education. MRRC will be coordinating the mentor-mentee match and have group events, but the mentor and mentee will be able to set up their own meeting times and locations.

There are many reasons why you should be a mentor:
- The college application process is complicated for Community College (CC) Students, as they face different requirements in admissions than those of High Schoolers, and have fewer advisers to assist them along the way.
- CC students may experience trouble navigating which of their classes are transferable into the Institution they're interested in or be unaware of supplemental resources/websites that are useful for this task.
 - Mentors can help to answer questions which CC students have regarding the transfer process; such as whether one's classes are transferable, the most effective way to choose extracurriculars for one's resume, or how one should dictate their prior class unit information onto UC,  CSU, and Private School Applications.
- Mentors can offer a helping hand to first-generation and low-income CC students in navigating the college application process and financial aid process

     Through this program, we hope to create a strong relationship between Community College students of color and UC Berkeley students of color. We also hope to give underrepresented Community College students more confidence in the college application process and in their professional development. To help support you for volunteering for this mentorship, we will also be offering and giving you a chance to earn one of (5) five $200 scholarships to selected mentors who show outstanding progress and support for their mentees, which will be selected at the end of the mentorship by the Transfer Recruitment Director.
More information on the Mentorship:

Before the application is due, if possible, we recommend you to please attend Office Hours with MRRC staff to talk one-on-one about the mentorship program and expectations.

Application due Friday, October 16th at 11:59PM
If you have any questions about the application please contact:

Check out MRRC's social media!

IG: @mixedatberkeley
FB: @Mixed at Berkeley Recruitment and Retention Center
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