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Imagine Missions Volunteer + Family Champion Interest Form
Help us identify the best 'fit' for you as a volunteer champion for Imagine Missions.

Think and pray about if you'd like to make the commitment to serve as a Family Champion, which will be the 'inner circle' of Imagine Missions advocates both in fundraising and in sharing and educating friends about all things family and all things Imagine Missions.

If that feels like too much right now, we still need you! Let us know whether you'd prefer to serve as a fundraiser for Giving Tuesday (our Family Vehicle campaign so we can get kiddos safely to/from school, dance, home, etc.) or for Christmas (includes party for kiddos and their families, small locally sourced gifts, and staff bonuses). Think about who in your personal sphere would jump onto which cause, or which you feel most passionate about, and choose accordingly.

Feel free to be open and honest about what fits you best, or if you'd rather simply consider donation at this time. We value and appreciate all you have contributed to our mission and to the kids- that's how you ended up on this select list!
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