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Commons Council Application 2018-2019

Thank you for your interest in serving as a part of Kathy Crow Commons council. Here is a list of the different committees that you can be involved with and what each of them do:

- Communications - The "Chatty Cathy" committee is charged with getting the word out about all of the different commons events and initiatives. They do so by creating advertisements and managing KCC's social media.

Members of the Communications Committee known as floor reps work with their RA's to coordinate floor events.

- Spirit & Competitions - This committee coordinates teams for all the different competitive events that take place on campus ex. Commons Cup, Intramurals, and Homecoming
- Planning & Logistics - This is the "Party Planning" committee for KCC. They are in charge of planning all of our commons sponsored events! Ex. Pizza Night, Night at the Museum, & CROWCHELLA!!!
- Building Development & Improvement - This is a home for those with the "interior decorating" bug. This committee is in charge of identifying different needs within the commons and making the vision of what Kathy Crow Commons should look like into a reality.
- Philanthropy & Community Engagement - The name of this committee says it all! If you love to give back and fundraise this is the committee for you. Promote, plan, and participate in various charitable events on campus and in the Dallas community.

We are always happy to have general members (members who serve on one or more committees). However, if you're interested in serving as a Floor Representative or Vice- President (Committee Leader) please indicate that below!

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